Catersource Takeaways

The Fork + Farm team is back from Catersource 2019 and full of inspiration for the coming year! The Catersource Conference & Tradeshow unites the world’s most passionate professionals around a singular focus: to celebrate and enhance the value of their catered events.

While there we picked up ideas on team building, the evolving nature of the wedding industry, and  tips on working more effectively within the events community. Out of everything, however, the thing we’re most excited to share with our clients is all of the upcoming catering trends we heard about for 2019 and beyond!


1. Non Alcoholic Beverage Options

Research shows that people are drinking less (especially millennials), but that doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice the beverage experience; caterers in the know are taking non-alcoholic beverages and reimagining them with creatively complex flavour profiles.


2. Plant-Based Dishes

If you want to talk about what’s hot right now in the catering world, you just have to say one word: plants. Plant based diets are becoming more and more popular and event planners are looking to see what caterers can do to bring some excitement and approachability to vegan or veggie plates.


3. International Flavour Profiles

This is a trend we can get behind; incorporating the distinct flavours of other regions is a great way to expand the palate and get creative with your cooking. One of the biggest of these international flavours for 2019 is going to be turmeric- you’re already seeing it in lattes and cocktails, and it’s going to be a major profile in mains and canapés.


4. Local and Sustainable Practices

We’ve been advocates for local and sustainable food sourcing for seven years, so it’s incredibly exciting to see this admirable way of living and eating taking hold of the catering world. Want to know more about how you can support your local farmers and ranchers? Click here to download our handy infographic with a list of what’s in season around Calgary!


5. Experience-Driven Dining

There’s been a movement in dining towards embracing the experience (hello, dark room dining!), and we’re thrilled to see this trend move into catering. At Fork + Farm we believe food is a dialogue, and the more engaged guests can be with their food, the better!