5 Great Ideas That Will Make your Stampede Breakfast a Hit

5 Great Ideas That Will Make your Stampede Breakfast a Hit

During The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, Stampede breakfasts are a dime a dozen, so how on earth do you make yours stand out?

If you’re like us and are already shining your boots for this year’s festivities, then make sure you take a look at our list of ideas to make your Stampede breakfast a hit!

1) Get Creative With The Theme

Come Stampede, you’re likely to see a lot of the Stampede Three: barn-board, barrels and bales.

While these are classic Stampede staples, they can also feel a bit tired after the third (or dare we say fourth or fifth) Stampede breakfast.

Deciding to get a little adventurous with your decor can mean the difference between a party where guests decide to throw up their heels or throw in the towel.

A vintage prairie theme, for example, with wildflower bouquets, neat white linens, and an old-fashioned penny candy bar is an excellent alternative to a traditional stampede theme.

2) Plan Your Activities

Gone are the days where guests are happy to simply eat a buttery pancake and call it a day.

Today’s Stampede goers are looking for reasons to stay and enjoy your event, so make sure you give them one!

Take a look at your guest list to plan your party activities accordingly.

If it’s a family-friendly event, be sure to include activities that both adult and kids can enjoy, such as brown-necked ring toss.

A fun and creative activity will not only compliment your pancake breakfast, but it will also ensure that your guests want to stay and play at your event long after the last course is served.

3) Choose Grassroots with your Entertainment

Country music is a no-brainer during Stampede, but not all Calgarians love a good twang.

Mixing up your entertainment with other types of Western performances will help you please a wider audience and keep things feeling fresh.

We recommend looking into harmonica players, blues singers, or – if you’re feeling especially creative – a slap guitarist!

This can also be a great opportunity for your event to support local talents from Calgary and Alberta.

Your audience might already know these artists and it will also give you a great chance to promote the local music scene.

4) Go Green!

Events don’t have to be wasteful.

Fork + Farm is pleased to partner with Leftovers Foundation, where all of our unserved food gets donated and served to those in need in our community.

By working with our team for your Stampede breakfast you’re choosing a caterer that cares about our community and our impact on the world.

5) Look for Local Menu Inspiration

5 Great Ideas That Will Make your Stampede Breakfast a Hit

A plains-inspired menu is a great way to celebrate Western heritage while staying local and sustainable.

You can choose to go traditional and do pancakes and bacon, or you can get a little more creative with something like our sweet and savoury breakfast danishes, with a variety of toppings to choose from (think shaved honey ham and gruyere, and confit tomato with braised spinach… *drool*).

Ready to get your Yee-Haw on? Reach out to our team and let’s see how we can make your Stampede Breakfast one to remember!

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