4 Christmas Dinner Staple Alternatives

Also known as, “So you don’t want to bake a ham this Christmas.” We get it. We love a good, juicy ham, but sometimes life need a little more adventure than those salty haunches can deliver. Below are four great options for those of your looking to experiment this holiday season and delight your loved ones with something a little different.

 1. Duck


A personal favourite at the farm, duck is incredibly flavourful and full of the kind of rich, smoky fat that chef dreams are made of. If you’re going to go with a bird this holiday season (and are still having turkey hang over’s from thanksgiving) make sure to think about how many guests you’ll have to feed; one full roast duck may look large, but they can only feed about 4 people.


2. Boeuf Bourguignon


For the red meat lovers in your life, this well-loved, hearty stew is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Boeuf bourguignon is a French beef stew loaded with autumnal vegetables and plenty of flavour-laden herbs, all cooked in a gorgeous red wine sauce. Bon Appétit!


3. Goose


If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous than duck (or just an option where you don’t have to cook two of something to feed a larger crowd) goose is a great choice. There is raucous debate over whether goose or duck fat is the more premium fat, but really you’ll win either way. A goose should feed about six to eight people, and you should have plenty of fat left over to cook other things in, or preserve food (confit style).


4. Roasted gourd!


A vegetarian option! Still hearty and delicious, gourds are able to fill you up without feeling as heavy as their meat counterparts, so they make for a great main. Looking for a recipe? Click here to see our take on a roasted summer squash gnocchi.

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